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Next meeting of the Parish Council

Tuesday 1 March 2022 at 7.30pm at Newton Regis Village Hall

The Mercia Park Community Fund, managed by Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation Round 4 is opening:
Thursday 18th November 2021 and will close on midday on Friday 4th February 2022

Groups will be notified in April with project to starting from May 2022 onwards for a maximum 12 month period (projects must be completed by May 2023)

The Aims of the Fund:

The Mercia Park Community Fund will give grants to projects for Round 4 that:

1.       Help strengthen local communities (particularly their quality of life and life chances) within a 5-mile radius of the Mercia Park Development at Junction 11 M42.

2.       Improve the natural environment within a 5-mile radius of the Mercia Park Development at Junction 11 M42.

Priority will be given to:

·         Organisations who can clearly demonstrate that they are addressing a need in the local community and offering localised support.

·         Smaller charitable organisations that have limited access to larger funds.

Size of Grants You can apply for:

·         Up to £5,000 for a 12-month project.

·         In exceptional circumstances, larger grant amounts of up to £10,000 may be considered, for a project that the group can evidence clearly that they have applied to a variety of other funds and grants for match funding and the project could not be completed without a higher budget.  We would highly recommend that you call the grants team to discuss your project before completing an application for a higher amount.

For full details of the fund and to apply please visit our website

Community Litter Picks 2022

Saturday 19 February 2022

18 June 2022

22 October 2022

Our parish comprises three villages: Newton Regis, Seckington and No Man's Heath. These villages are each vibrant communities in their own right, offering a wide range of amenities and organisations to local residents. As a parish, they are treated as one community of people, and resources are expended with care to ensure that all aspects of this community are treated fairly and sympathetically. Predominantly a rural area, the parish comes under the auspices of North Warwickshire Borough Council and Warwickshire County Council.

The Parish Council has 6 councillors representing all 3 villages. The Parish Council meets every 6 to 8 weeks. You are welcome to join us at our meeting.